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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gregor Wolbring on Human Security

By Gregor Wolbring

When I was asked to look for co-editors to guide an issue for RDS on human security I jumped on it!!! Really this is an area that is underserved in the disability studies discourse. Not that we do not cover it but we rarely use the term “human security.” And the discourse around human security rarely covers disabled people. When you read the RDS forum on human security you will see how underserved we are in the human security discourse. Kirk Allison and Anita Ghai are long time friends and people knowledgeable on the topic of human security and the equally important social cohesion. A society cannot function without social cohesion and disabled people cannot feel equal if they are not part of this social cohesion, if they do not belong. So I hope this issue offers you a lot of insight and entices you to push the envelope in your work and your advocacy. The articles of the issue on human security are a tool for you academically or otherwise to further the situation of disabled people and in the end society at large. So enjoy the issue and use it to the benefit of disabled people .And thanks to Kirk and Anita and all of the contributors. Cheers Gregor