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Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Pac Rim Conference

The 2010 Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities has come and gone. Yet, definitely leaving a great impression! Outstanding presentations and an enormous amount of information is still embedded in our minds. The diverse cast of presentations contributing to the culture of Disability Studies covered an array of topics from Disability rights and awareness, Universal Design for Learning, closing the gap between the digital divide and people with disabilities, and many more workshops and special events. Contributions by Kerry Thompson, Gordon Sasaki, Gordon Fuller,and Chritstine Komoroski-McCohnell, to name a few, presented on issues very relevant from the practical to the complex applications people with disabilities are involved in everyday. In her book, Christine delights us with her humor and frank comments in her memoir depicting her life story of a woman with Cerebral Palsy in which she published for an enjoyable and informative read.

Our Very Own Local Presenters at Pac Rim!

Megan Conway

Steve Brown

A tremendous amount of talent and informative individuals graced our Annual Pacific Rim Conference Disability Strand held this past April in beautiful Honolulu, HI. On a local level, our very own contributions from the University of Hawaii presented on current topics. From Assistive Technoloy in postsecondary education, presented by Megan Conway and Tracie Ortiz, to Steve Brown, bringing to light the storytelling model of disability awareness.

Great things are currently happening for next year's conference! Stay tuned......
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