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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Latest Issue is OUT! Volume 6 Issue 3

Our latest issue of The Review of Disability Studies, an International Journal, volume 6, issue 3, is now posted online from . The online version is free.

The latest issue features a forum
"Theorizing Culture and Disability: Interdisciplinary Dialogues", guest edited by our U.K. colleagues Dan Goodley, Rebecca Mallett, Rebecca Lawthom, Lucy Burke, and David Bolt. I think you will find that this issue is jam packed with an interesting array of diverse contributions from a discussion of Comedy in British television, to visual representations from the perspective of authors in the United States and the Czech Republic.

Authors, such as Clare Barker, Brett Smith, and Alison Wilde reveal interesting issues and topics from Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Disability and Postcolonial StudiesComedic Immunity to Dialogism, Monologism, and Boundaries: Some Possibilities for Disability Studies and Interdisciplinary Research, as well as the article including the Performance and the Re-Presentation of Disability and Impairment. Additionally, Kateřina Kolářová’s Performing the Pain: Opening the (Crip) Body for (Queer) Pleasures promises an interesting read.

Elizabeth DePoy, and Stephen Gilson have once again graced RDS with their contributions in this latest issue with their Disability by Design article. They are also scheduled to appear at our upcoming Pacific Rim International Conference, April 18 &19, 2011 at the Honolulu, Hi: Hawai`i

Convention Center.

The David Pfeiffer Memorial Disability Pride & Studies Library

Velina Sugiyama

The Center on Disability Studies recently celebrated the dedication of the David Pfeiffer Deaf Pride Memorial Library here at the Manoa campus. Dr. Pfeiffer (1934–2003) was resident scholar at CDS and the driving force behind the International Review of Disability Studies, now in its 6th year of publication. The collection was founded on his manuscripts and books, gifted by his wife Barbara Pfeiffer.

On June 28, we celebrated his legacy by blessing and officially opening the library for use by students, faculty, and the community. In Hawaiian fashion, the doorway of the library was draped with maile lei. The premises were blessed by Kahu (Pastor) William Kaina. The traditional blessing extended to the land ('aina), the building, the collection, those who contributed materials, those who maintain them, and those who glean knowledge from them.

We remembered Dr. Pfeiffer's generous spirit and his dedication to social justice. Dr. Pfeiffer's widow Barbara, daughter Carol, and grandson Peter untied the lei and welcomed everyone in. The library was decorated with tropical ginger flowers, birds of paradise, and sweet maile--local cuttings that were colorful and delicately fragrant. After the opening, we shared a meal in Dr. Pfeiffer's honor. We hope the library will be a lasting home for his memory and scholarship.

The library space was established by CDS's talented Velina Sugiyama, who also found appropriate software and set up the lending system. Library holdings, now numbering over 600 items, were cataloged over the last year by Velina and her assistant Courtney. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to this project. As a result, all are welcome to browse the library's holdings and borrow materials. To access the collection, either in person or virtually, contact Velina at or 808-956-5688.

Friday, July 2, 2010

RDS Volume 6, Issue 2 is OUT!

Overlooking Sandy Beach in Oahu.

Summer is upon us and our most recent RDS issue is here!
Interesting combinations of research articles, creative writings, interviews, essays, and poetry are delighting our readers with our most recent issue. Poetic author, Manuel Llorens, provides us with insight into psychiatric experiences in Venezuela. Another poetic author, Robert M. Hensel, shares his experiences in his ongoing efforts in advocating for people with disabilities.

Authors, Mary Beth Bruder and Cristina Mogro-Wilson, provide insight in their research of attitudes depicted by faculty and students towards students with disabilities. Results of their study informs readers on this issue and the importance of the awareness of students with disabilities in postsecondary institutions.

An interview and several book reviews also enlighten readers with information about interesting people and places. There is much more to share in our latest issue. Enjoy!


Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Pac Rim Conference

The 2010 Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities has come and gone. Yet, definitely leaving a great impression! Outstanding presentations and an enormous amount of information is still embedded in our minds. The diverse cast of presentations contributing to the culture of Disability Studies covered an array of topics from Disability rights and awareness, Universal Design for Learning, closing the gap between the digital divide and people with disabilities, and many more workshops and special events. Contributions by Kerry Thompson, Gordon Sasaki, Gordon Fuller,and Chritstine Komoroski-McCohnell, to name a few, presented on issues very relevant from the practical to the complex applications people with disabilities are involved in everyday. In her book, Christine delights us with her humor and frank comments in her memoir depicting her life story of a woman with Cerebral Palsy in which she published for an enjoyable and informative read.

Our Very Own Local Presenters at Pac Rim!

Megan Conway

Steve Brown

A tremendous amount of talent and informative individuals graced our Annual Pacific Rim Conference Disability Strand held this past April in beautiful Honolulu, HI. On a local level, our very own contributions from the University of Hawaii presented on current topics. From Assistive Technoloy in postsecondary education, presented by Megan Conway and Tracie Ortiz, to Steve Brown, bringing to light the storytelling model of disability awareness.

Great things are currently happening for next year's conference! Stay tuned......
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here Ye! Here Ye! RDS Boasts Some Really Great Authors!

Drawn to the article, A Research Study on Individuals with Disabilities in the Maasai Tribe of Tanzania, I felt deep emotions when thinking of the abandonment of children. Written by Fulbright Scholar, Sheryl Feinstein, from the most recent RDS publication, volume 5 issue 4, this article reveals the reality of what occurs in a place where survival is the main priority and the culture’s perspective on people with disabilities goes back to early stages of discrimination and denigration. It is a very interesting read in which I can personally relate to when it comes to abandonment. As a foster family growing up, I can remember as a little girl kids my own age coming to live with us. One person I remember was Chris. His favorite thing to do was to take long walks. Not until I got older did I realize how stress relieving walking could be. I also came to realize Chris had been abandoned too as a child. Not knowing what the foster care system meant back then, we were all Chris had at the time. On a livelier note, this issue of RDS boasts some really great international authors writing on exciting topics in Disability culture and current issues. In addition to Feinstein’s article, other articles include working from home in the Digital Age, where author and economist, Jennifer Tennant, brings light on the issue of working from home and reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Vande Zande v. Wisconsin Department of Administration case is discussed throughout the article and challenged the validity and accommodations of working from home. Additional great contributions to this RDS issue include topics on the stigma of asexuality, written by Health Rights Lawyer, Godfrey Kanguagde, whose summary of earlier works on health rights and disability can be found here. Additionally Elizabeth DePoy and Stephen Gilson share their perspective on Legitimacy Policy. Their contribution to Diversity Studies is also revealed in their Explanatory Legitimacy Theory where they further discuss Disability and Diversity. Depoy and Gilson also shared their expertise at the 2008 Pac Rim Conference right here where RDS is published, Honolulu, Hi. Several great book reviews by various international authors also add variety to the diverse array of readings to enjoy!