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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here Ye! Here Ye! RDS Boasts Some Really Great Authors!

Drawn to the article, A Research Study on Individuals with Disabilities in the Maasai Tribe of Tanzania, I felt deep emotions when thinking of the abandonment of children. Written by Fulbright Scholar, Sheryl Feinstein, from the most recent RDS publication, volume 5 issue 4, this article reveals the reality of what occurs in a place where survival is the main priority and the culture’s perspective on people with disabilities goes back to early stages of discrimination and denigration. It is a very interesting read in which I can personally relate to when it comes to abandonment. As a foster family growing up, I can remember as a little girl kids my own age coming to live with us. One person I remember was Chris. His favorite thing to do was to take long walks. Not until I got older did I realize how stress relieving walking could be. I also came to realize Chris had been abandoned too as a child. Not knowing what the foster care system meant back then, we were all Chris had at the time. On a livelier note, this issue of RDS boasts some really great international authors writing on exciting topics in Disability culture and current issues. In addition to Feinstein’s article, other articles include working from home in the Digital Age, where author and economist, Jennifer Tennant, brings light on the issue of working from home and reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Vande Zande v. Wisconsin Department of Administration case is discussed throughout the article and challenged the validity and accommodations of working from home. Additional great contributions to this RDS issue include topics on the stigma of asexuality, written by Health Rights Lawyer, Godfrey Kanguagde, whose summary of earlier works on health rights and disability can be found here. Additionally Elizabeth DePoy and Stephen Gilson share their perspective on Legitimacy Policy. Their contribution to Diversity Studies is also revealed in their Explanatory Legitimacy Theory where they further discuss Disability and Diversity. Depoy and Gilson also shared their expertise at the 2008 Pac Rim Conference right here where RDS is published, Honolulu, Hi. Several great book reviews by various international authors also add variety to the diverse array of readings to enjoy!