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Monday, April 11, 2011

Aloha! This is an exciting Spring at RDS, as we are joining the 21st Century with the establishment of a new RDS Facebook Page AND quarterly Editor's Picks Podcasts . Our first Podcast features a reading from Volume 7, Issue 1, of "Psychosocial Adjustment of Women with Work-related Disabilities in Rural China" authored by Karen Y. L. Lo-Hui, Lilian Luo & Xiaoshan Yang and read by Lulu Liu (Photo at left) , a student from China who is in our Disability and Diversity Studies Program. I like this article because it explores the relationship between cultural attitudes about gender and disability, and adaptation to acquired disability.

Write the authors, "
In the process of exploring the psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation needs of people with work injury disability, it was clear that a portion of these workers were coming from rural China and experienced a work injury while they worked in urban cities. In supporting the occupational and social rehabilitation of these injured migrant workers, the authors, as the rehabilitation practitioners, started to recognize a gender difference related to their psychosocial adjustment. The awareness of this gender difference stimulated this discussion of the psychosocial adjustment of women with work-related disabilities who originated from rural China."

So please, sit back and enjoy the ride as we explore new horizons here at the Review of Disability Studies!

Megan Conway, Managing Editor