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Monday, October 6, 2008

Parent Awareness

Duggal, a student in the Disability and Diversity Studies Certificate Program writes:

Lack of awareness about disability can lead to distress for many parents who have a child with a disability. In the twenty first century, one way to exercise equality of rights and bring about peace could be by creating awareness and educating people about disabilities. Guardians and parents of children with disabilities play an important role in safeguarding their child’s development.

Gregg Roger, an English Professor from Penn State University, learned about is soon to come baby through prenatal diagnosis. Although Roger and his wife were unsure about how they would raise their daughter, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, they managed to pull it off. Not only did they learn to raise their daughter and take care of her needs but also found happiness for themselves as a family. Education and awareness about disability came about through support groups and other sources. However, the first and foremost step was acceptance. They accepted their child and did not fear for the challenges they might face in raising her.

Joanne Hill, in the United Kingdom, killed her daughter, Naomi. The reason given for why she killed Naomi, although uncertain, was that Naomi had mild cerebral palsy. Joanne had a history of depression and mental illness. Again, raising awareness and providing support to society through education and awareness campaigns can help change and often save lives.

In the RDS article
“Working and Caring for Children with Chronic Illness/Disability: Stories of Disconnection, Cruelty and Clayton’s Support” the parents of children with disabilities feel disconnected from family, friends, neighbors and community members. Parents cited in the article state that understanding and support from others about their child’s disability is a significant barrier for their families.

Sources that can help parents learn about Disability Culture, Education and Awareness:

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